How Miami’s Water Quality Affects Your Dental Health

Miami’s well-known sunshine and beach experience lure people to the city, and many can’t resist the charm of its waterways. But with that mesmerizing charm comes a hidden danger: the City of Miami’s water quality may be detrimental to your dental health. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, knowing the best practices to manage your dental health is essential to staying protected.

Where Does Miami’s Water Quality Stand?

Due to the city’s beachfront location, Miami’s water quality is continuously subjected to various contaminants, including industrial and stormwater runoff, nutrient pollution, and human sewage. This becomes doubly dangerous when we remember that most of Miami’s water is non-potable, meaning treatment processes for drinking water do apply to its waterways – including Biscayne Bay and the tributaries feeding it.

In addition, the region’s climate with its sporadic heavy rains lets loose billions of gallons to the city’s wastewater collection infrastructure, at times overwhelming the necessary treatment facilities and establishing a cycle of contamination.

How Does Water Quality Influence Dental Health?

Common contaminants which may affect your dental health, as well as overall health, include lead, furans and dioxins, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), mercury, triclosan, and perfluorinated compounds. These contaminants can disturb the mineral balance in one’s teeth, which can eventually increase one’s risk for cavities and periodontal disease.

Mercury, benzene, and CLRs are linked to a variety of health issues, such as cancers and developmental abnormalities. Mercury, specifically, has been shown to weaken the body’s defense mechanisms against plaque and bacteria, thus increasing the risk of caries and gum disease. When left undetected and untreated, oral health issues can lead to serious conditions – including life-threatening, such as sepsis. Home testing kits are also unable to detect these microbes, therefore a professional test is recommended.

Measures to Improve Dental Health with Miami’s Water Quality

Kanye West once said it, “save [your] teeth and make sweet love in Miami”. While his message may be misinterpreted due to his notorious lyrics, this does apply in more ways than one. Microbial contamination from unclean water can lead to both serious and mild health conditions, hence it’s important that one employs measures to protect themselves.

Use a Water Filter

If you are a resident or visitor of Miami, it’s important to install a water filter to effectively remove contaminants from the water. Stick to filters with activated carbon or reverse osmosis systems as they’re shown to effectively remove the majority of toxic substances present within the water.

Brush and Floss Regularly

The most important self-care step for dental health is brushing and flossing the teeth regularly. Regular brushing and flossing assist in the removal of surface plaque and bacteria from a person’s teeth. Using a toothpaste free from fluoride is also recommended to prevent tooth and gum issues, as fluoride is known to react with mercury and lower gum sensitivity to plaque and bacteria therefore increasing the disease rate.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Regular dental visits are essential, especially when living in areas with heavy pollution as the dentist can identify issues that need to be addressed in order to keep your mouth healthy. During dental visits, the dentist has the ability to examine the teeth, gums, and other soft tissues of the mouth for signs of illness or infection. This way, they can promptly advise treatment plans in the event of any dental irregularities.

Staying Safe and Protecting Dental Health in Miami

While Miami offers an irresistible sun-and-sea lifestyle, every resident and visitor of this fabulous city must be aware that the beachside life isn’t all sunny rays. Research has shown that the water quality in Miami can pose risks to dental health, as well as overall health. Relying on regular water filters, Brushing and Flossing correctly, and scheduling visits with the dentist are intelligent ways of keeping your smiles safe and sound. Only then can you truly live the “Miami Life” to the fullest!