Unveiling the Heart of Our Practice.

Driven by a passion for creating radiant smiles, we’ve grown over the years, dedicated to serving the Miami community with unparalleled dental care.

Forging the Path to Brighter Smiles

Dental Excellence Rooted in Tradition

Since our establishment, our clinic in Miami has been more than just a dental office. It’s a legacy of commitment, where traditional values blend with modern techniques to offer our patients a holistic dental experience. Every smile we enhance, every dental concern we address, is a testament to our dedication and love for the community we serve.

Miami’s Premier Dental Destination!

Our Journey

The roots of EGil Dental trace back to decades ago, when our founding dentist set out with a vision: to provide Miami’s community with unparalleled dental care. Beginning as a small clinic, our commitment to top-tier treatments, patient-first approaches, and continual learning quickly set us apart. Over the years, we evolved, embracing cutting-edge technology and expanding our services.

But our core ethos – merging genuine care with dental expertise – has remained unchanged. Today, EGil Dental stands as a testament to years of dedication, innovation, and thousands of transformed smiles. We’re proud of our history and are excited to continue crafting beautiful smiles for generations to come.

Core Values of EGil Dental

At EGil Dental, these values guide our every move, ensuring we deliver the best dental experience for every patient, every time..

Patient-Centric Approach

At EGil Dental, our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize understanding their needs and concerns, ensuring every treatment is tailored for optimal comfort and results.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive for excellence in every aspect – from the treatments we offer to the technology we employ. Our team is dedicated to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest in dental science.

Integrity & Transparency

Honesty is our best policy. We maintain transparency in all our treatments, ensuring our patients are well-informed and comfortable with every decision made regarding their dental care.

Innovation & Technology

Embracing advancements is part of our DNA. We invest in the latest dental technologies to enhance precision, reduce discomfort, and improve outcomes for our patients.

Collaborative Teamwork

Our success lies in the synergy of our team. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where each member contributes to the holistic well-being of our patients.

Driven by Passion, Dedicated to Your Smile

Dental Innovators

Meet the dedicated professionals behind EGil Dental, committed to providing unparalleled care and crafting radiant smiles for our community.

Dr. Eduardo Gil


Dr. Gabriela Gil


Dr. Lisandra Companioni


Nuria Gil

General Manager

With medical background from here original native country, Cuba, Nuria loves to help patients feel at easy by making sure our staff provide excellent customer service. She has over 15 years of experience in the dental field and her goal is to make sure that both offices run smoothly and that you as a patient receive nothing better than a wonderful experience. She is very family oriented and loves to spend time with her husband Dr. Eduardo Gil and their two kids on her free time.

Leonardo Gil

Assistant Manager

Hello, I am Leonardo, I was born in Cuba. I come from a family were mother, father and brother are all Dentists. Myself on the other hand did not pursue the same career, I graduated in Mechanical Engineer as I love computers, planning and reports. I have been working at EGil Dental Corp for more than 4 years. One of the reasons I enjoy being part of this team is the care it’s provided to patients, the staff’s professionalism as well as the office’s ambiance. When I am not working, I like to read and practice sports, especially with my favorite teammate, my son.

Janet Garcia

Office Manager

Janet Garcia, the Office Manager at EGil Dental, brings a diverse background from Cuba to New Jersey and a 17-year tenure as a business owner in the computer industry to her 12 years in dental management. She cherishes the professional and honest work environment at EGil Dental, praising Dr. Gil for fostering a team that feels like family. Her passion lies in seeing patients leave with a smile that reflects the clinic’s exceptional care. Outside the office, Janet loves beach outings, traveling with family, and park visits with her grandson.

Rachel Arrate

Office Manager

Hello, my name is Rachel Arrate. I was born in Cuba, came to the United States at a young age. My first job was working as a receptionist at a dental office and that’s where my passion for the dental industry began. I have been professionally involved in this field for over a decade. I truly enjoy assisting patients fall in love with their smile. Working at EGil Dental brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction knowing that we work with qualified, state of the art equipment and personnel that take pride in providing nothing but exceptional service to our patients.  For personal pleasures, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, soaking up the sun at Miami Beach, sipping some coffee while reading a new novel, and traveling, bon voyage!

Ana Mena

Operational Manager

With over 8 years of experience in the dental field and a bachelor’s degree in Supervision and management, Ana makes sure that patients receive the best possible care needed while maximizing their insurance benefits. She is the go-to for anything related to insurance, estimates, financing options etc. Her main goal is that you as a patient receive optimal customer service from a phone call to receiving treatment at our offices. On her free time, she loves to spend time with her husband and kids specially at the beach.

Mayelene Calderin

Front Desk

Hi, my name is Mayelene but I prefer to be called Mayi and I’m from Cuba. Although my experience in the dental field is not as vast as my coworkers, I love working at EGil Dental because we are a big family and always help each other in every way possible. Also, it has been a new experience for me at a new field counting on a great team. Helping patients motivates me because it is important to me to make a small difference doing something good for another person. On my free time I enjoy doing manual projects at home such as restoring antiques and old furniture, spending time with my family, sing and try to be happy 99% of my day!

Yari Pagarizabal

Lead Dental Assistant

Hi, my name is Yari, I’m from Cuba. I have been part of EGil Dental since 2017. I enjoy working with Dr. Eduardo Gil as he is very knowledgeable and passionate about his career. Working firsthand alongside Dr. E. Gil has motivated me to become a better assistant for this practice and to provide our patients with superb dental care. The team here at EGil really strides on making everyone feel welcomed and like family. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, binge watching Netflix, and retail therapy.

Gloria Riera


My name is Gloria, I am Cuban born and raised. Moved to Spain, lived there 20 years, and practiced as a Dentist, then moved to the United States where I have been living for the past 10 years. I love to work at EGil Dental because we help each other, teamwork is essential to have a great work environment. I am happy when our patients leave with a great smile on their faces and take knowledge home on how to properly care for their teeth. I love to be outdoors, love nature, spend time with my friends and family. Listening to music for relaxation and singing karaoke are just a few of my hobbies.

Yamila Puerto


My name is Yamila Puerto, I am Cuban. I have been a Dental Hygienist for over a decade. Being part of the EGil Dental team, gives me the opportunity to apply my dental knowledge and help our patients maintain excellent oral health. I am very proud to be part of Dr. Gil’s work team which always provides a safe and professional environment to all our patients. In my free time I love to spend quality time with my family, cook and take care of my grandson Jason.

Yamileidis Mejias

Dental Assistant

My name is Yamileidis and I’am Cuban. In Cuba I practiced as a Dentist for almost 10 years, then moved to the U.S and became a Dental Assistant about 4 months ago. I like working at EGil Dental and being able to help our patients have more confidence with their smile. On my free time I love spending time with my daughter and taking her to the park, also, reading Psychology books.

Ayled Lopez


Meet Ayled Lopez Sanchez, a skilled Dental Hygienist at EGil Dental, who brings a wealth of experience and a touch of Cuban heritage to our practice. Ayled’s journey in dentistry began in Cuba, where she graduated as a dentist in 2008. After six years of practice, she moved to the USA and transitioned into a Dental Assistant role for nine years. Today, she thrives as a Dental Hygienist, drawn to the exceptional work environment and camaraderie at EGil Dental, where teamwork and the guidance of Dr. Eduardo Gil, whom she considers a great doctor and teacher, are paramount. Ayled is driven by the rewarding experience of helping patients transform their dental health, witnessing the joy as they leave with a satisfied smile. When she’s not expertly caring for patients, Ayled loves to soak up the sun at the beach, cherish moments with her husband and daughter, and unwind with a good movie.

Angela Lopez


Born and raised in Cuba where I graduated back on 1993 as a General Dentist. I have over 20 years of experience helping patients in the dental field. I came to USA on 2013 and I have been able to continue my passion as a dental hygienist since 2015. I enjoy working at EGIL Dental because our main mission is to help you have a beautiful smile while treating you like a family member. On my free time, I love to spend time with my family, enjoy a good dinner and listen to music.

Beatriz Hernandez


My name is Beatriz, I was born in La Habana Cuba. I graduated in Dental Hygiene at Miami Dade Medical Center in 2005. I have been working as a Hygienist for 18 years. I like working at EGil Dental because of the team atmosphere and I enjoy working with such a great group of people who are always willing to help each other. I have two lovely daughters and enjoy spending time with my family and pets. I have a great passion for gardening, and I love dining out.

Odalys Mendoza

Dental Assistant

I have been working as a dental assistant for over 20 years.  Born and raised in Cuba. I love to help patients feel comfortable while receiving dental care. Woking at EGIL Dental feels refreshing, family oriented, professional, and patient centered. My hobbies are reading, watching tv, going to the beach and to spend time with my family.