Understanding the Different Types of Dental X-Rays at EGil Dental

At EGil Dental, we understand the importance of routine dental X-Rays. X-Rays provide a vital diagnostic tool that can reveal problems that may not be visible to the eye. They help to identify any potential problems in the mouth, allowing clinicians and patients to assess the best possible treatment options.

We offer many different types of dental X-Rays at EGil Dental, from general diagnostic X-Rays to more advanced 3-D images. Understanding the different types of dental X-Rays can help you become more informed about the X-Ray process at EGil Dental.

General Diagnostic X-Rays

The most common type of dental X-Ray is the general diagnostic X-Ray. It is used to get a general overview of the teeth and jaw bones. These X-Rays are used to identify decay and other issues that may be invisible to the eye.

Another type of X-Ray we offer at EGil Dental is the bitewing X-Ray. This type of X-Ray is used to diagnose cavities between the teeth and to check the teeth and supporting bone. Bitewing X-Rays are usually taken annually.

Advanced Imaging X-Rays

At EGil Dental, we also offer more advanced imaging X-Rays. An orthopantomogram, or OPG, is a 2-D panorex X-Ray that can be used to take a broad view of the entire skull and teeth and jaw bone. An OPG is used to detect jaw joint problems, detect impacted teeth, and locate cysts or tumors in the jaw.

We also offer cephalometric X-Rays, which are used to take 3-D images of the jaw, teeth, and skull. These X-Rays are used primarily to diagnose and treat problems with the alignment of the jaw and teeth. These X-Rays are especially useful for orthodontic treatment.

3D Cone Beam X-Rays

3D Cone Beam X-Rays, also referred to as CBCT, provide a highly detailed and three-dimensional image of the teeth and jaw bones. This type of X-Ray is used to diagnose and treat problems such as impacted teeth, fractures, and more complex surgical cases. CBCTs are helpful for diagnosing problems in the bones, soft tissues, and nerves of the mouth.

Why Choose EGil Dental for Your X-Rays?

At EGil Dental, we have state-of-the-art digital X-Ray equipment that allows us to take high-quality images. This means that radiation exposure can be reduced significantly. Our staff is highly trained in the use of X-Ray equipment and takes every precaution to ensure that our patients are safe during the procedure.

When you choose EGil Dental for your X-Rays, you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality care and service. Our staff is friendly and professional, and we will make sure that you understand what to expect during your X-Ray procedure. We take the time to answer any questions you may have so that you can feel comfortable and confident when you visit our clinic.

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