Dental Trends: The Latest Technologies Available at EGil Dental

It’s no secret that technology in the dental field has rapidly advanced over the past few years, and EGil Dental is leading the way with the latest innovations. EGil is dedicated to making sure patients receive the most cutting-edge treatments and technology to keep their smiles in tip-top shape.

One of the most notable recent trends in the world of dental technology is custom-designed implants. EGil Dental has one of the first digital implant systems in the world, which is now being used to custom-design and create digitally forged implants for patients. This system results in a much quicker treatment time, and the implants are designed to perfectly blend in with the patient’s natural smile.

Another recent technology development that is revolutionizing the dental field is 3D scanning. Digital 3D scanning is taking the place of traditional molds, which often took much longer and were less accurate. EGil Dental has the latest 3D scanning technology, which is able to capture a patient’s entire smile in just seconds, providing a much more accurate and effective way to diagnose and treat dental issues.

In addition to these latest innovations, EGil Dental offers many other advanced technologies. The practice has a highly advanced dental laboratory on site, which utilizes the latest computer-aided design and milling technology to quickly and accurately create restorations. The practice also offers a new, state-of-the-art laser system for treating gum disease, which is less invasive and provides a faster recovery time than traditional methods.

Another important aspect of the latest dental trends is making treatment more comfortable for patients. That’s why EGil Dental is now using computer-guided local anesthetics, which provide a more precise and less painful experience for the patient. EGil also offers in-house sedation options for patients who have dental anxiety so they can feel more relaxed and comfortable during their treatments.

Benefits of Advanced Technologies

The benefits of advanced dental technologies are endless. The digital implant systems and 3D scanning technology now being offered at EGil Dental provide a much faster, more accurate and effective treatment for patients. The advanced dental laboratory on site allows for restorations to be created almost instantaneously, and the laser system for gum disease provides a less invasive treatment and quicker recovery time.

Most importantly, these new technologies provide a much more accurate and efficient way to diagnose and treat patients. The computer-guided local anesthetics ensure that patients feel minimal discomfort during treatments, and the in-house sedation options help patients relax and feel more at ease. Overall, the new technologies available at EGil Dental are making visits to the dentist much more comfortable and effective.

Get the Latest Technology for Your Smile at EGil Dental

Patients can stay ahead of the latest dental trends by receiving treatments at EGil Dental, where cutting-edge technologies and the most advanced treatments are available. From digital implant systems to computer-guided local anesthetics, the practice offers everything patients need to keep their smiles looking and feeling their best. The staff at EGil Dental is highly trained in the latest technologies and is dedicated to providing patients with the most comfortable and effective treatment experience. So, if you’re looking for the latest dental trends and treatments in the field, look no further than EGil Dental.