How EGil Dental’s Smile Design Service Can Enhance Your Facial Aesthetics

Nothing reflects beauty and confidence more than a warm, bright, and expressive smile. And everyone dreams of a perfect smile. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally straight, white, and symmetrical teeth. But with modern dentistry, achieving the perfect smile has never been closer. One of the leading practices in smile and facial aesthetics is EGil Dental, where the smile design service can help enhance your overall appearance.

With its commitment to providing the utmost professional and personalized service, EGil Dental is on a mission to help patients lay the foundation for a lifetime of oral health and natural beauty. Its smile design service is designed to offer a customized combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments to improve overall facial aesthetics.

Breaking Down the Smile Design Service

EGil Dental aspires for its patients to feel confident and proud of their smile. To meet this goal, it offers a range of services under its smile design umbrella. This includes a comprehensive oral health assessment. This includes taking digital x-rays and performing a physical examination of the teeth, gums, and soft tissues of the mouth. Depending on the individual, this might require additional scans, such as an intraoral camera to take close-up images of the teeth and surrounding structures.

Following the examination, a tailored treatment plan will be developed. This may include any number of treatments, such as restorative work to repair damaged or missing teeth, tooth whitening to brighten the smile, teeth straightening, or even augmentation treatments to enhance the overall facial aesthetics.

Advanced Techniques and Technology

For patients undergoing the smile design treatment, state-of-the-art technology and advanced methods are employed to provide the best possible results. For example, the practice uses the latest dental technology such as 3D dental software, to digitally design a smile. This allows for the simulation of the finished result, enabling an accurate prediction of the outcome before embarking on dental treatment.

In addition, for patients who require tooth straightening treatments, EGil Dental offers a completely invisible solution. This involves using a series of custom-made, nearly-invisible aligners, which are swapped out every few weeks to gradually straighten the teeth. This discreet solution has quickly become one of the practice’s most sought-after treatments.

Advanced Aesthetic Treatments to Enhance the Face

Many people don’t realize that tooth restorations and cosmetic treatments can actually help to enhance overall facial aesthetics. Modern materials and techniques allow dentists at EGil Dental to reshape existing teeth or add new teeth, which can in turn improve overall facial harmony and balance.

In addition, the practice also offers a range of treatments to help enhance the overall aesthetic of the mouth, including treatments to improve the appearance of the lips, cheeks, and surrounding facial tissues. This natural approach aims to enhance the overall beauty of the smile and can help to improve a patient’s confidence.

Holistic Approach to Smile Design

At EGil Dental, the core philosophy is centered on the belief that oral health and overall facial aesthetics should be treated with a holistic approach. This involves not only treating the symptoms but also educating the patient on the common causes, to prevent future problems. And whilst treatments may involve dental work, the practice also aims to promote overall lifestyle well-being, which can have an impact on oral and facial aesthetics.

By incorporating the latest in dental technology and modern materials, combined with a holistic approach, EGil Dental’s smile design service offers the recipe to a beautiful smile and facial aesthetics for life. Its highly-trained team of professionals is committed to providing the best possible results to improve a patient’s overall appearance and confidence.