Patient Stories: Transformative Smiles at EGil Dental

Are you tired of covering your smile in photographs? Do you wish you could confidently flash those pearly whites without hiding? In preparation for the summer season, the team at EGil Dental is excited to share some patient stories about how we have transformed smiles to one that is healthy and confident. EGil Dental is committed to providing a personalized experience, comprehensive services and advanced technology, and getting you back to feeling confident and proud of your smile. Each patient was able to see remarkable changes in their smiles in a short time. If you’re ready to take over your smile this summer, let’s take a look at their stories and how EGil Dental gave them all smiles that are bright, healthy, and transformative.

Judy’s Experience: What Clinic is the Right Fit for You?

Judy had always been in and out of different dental offices. Due to her dental anxiety, she needed a dentist who not only knew how to solve her problems, but could make her feel comfortable too. Judy heard about EGil Dental from a friend and, after reviewing their website, was inspired by the clinic’s state-of-the-art equipment, flexible payment options, and reviews from happy patients.

When Judy arrived for an appointment, she was immediately struck by the modern and inviting waiting room. Upon meeting Dr. EGil, she was impressed with his ability to listen and his kind demeanor. Judy was finally able to share her dental phobias without judgment. Dr. EGil made his dedication to providing personalized treatment plans clear. He thoroughly walked Judy through each service available, explaining how EGil Dental could help her regain confidence in her smile.

What Sets EGil Dental Apart?

Dr. EGil and the team offer a unique combination of clinical skill, advanced technology and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A particular process that sets EGil Dental apart is the Kohler tooth plaster, a high-quality material used to create highly accurate impressions for tooth restorations. Judy felt that Dr. EGil’s attention to detail and state-of-the-art services were the quality features that made it clear that this clinic was the one for her. EGil Dental was able to not only exceed Judy’s expectations, but provide her with a smile that was dazzling, healthy, and personal.

Marley’s Experience: The Complex Needs of Dental Restoration

Marley had not seen a dentist in many years and was embarrassed about her smile. She realized she would need a significant number of dental services and feared that restoration would be too difficult and costly. Thanks to the advanced technology at EGil Dental, Marley was finally able to see the process in which her smile could be restored. EGil Dental is always up-to-date with the latest techniques and materials – a fact that helped Marley understand the nuances and benefits of each service. Marley felt the personal interest Dr. EGil showed in her case and was confident in choosing EGil Dental for her restoration treatment.

Restoration Treatment Plan

Marley had a fractured tooth and severe dental discoloration. EGil Dental and Dr. EGil held numerous discussions about Marley’s goals and needs before deciding on treatment options. The team’s commitment to precision and perfection was apparent, as Marley was given an individualized treatment plan that addressed her unique dental needs.

Marley was impressed with how EGil Dental was able to restore her smile with the latest tasks and restoration materials. EGil Dental excels in providing restorations with life-like materials and techniques. After the treatment was completed, Marley expressed how grateful she was that the clinic had surpassed her expectations. She was proud of her now-healthy, dazzling smile and the comfort it had provided her.

Cassidy’s Experience: Overcoming Fear with a Unique Clinic Experience

Cassidy’s dental anxieties were so prevalent that her last dental visits had all been accompanied by dental phobia fighters. She feared the sounds, the smells and the potential for pain. Despite these fears, Cassidy was determined to regain her confidence and be able to smile without fear. When a friend suggested to her EGil Dental, she was hesitant. However, when she arrived, she was surprised to find the clinic extremely accommodating to her unique needs.

Dr. EGil took time to ease Cassidy’s anxieties by going over each service step by step and by accommodating her preferred treatment pace. She was able to let go of her fears and be comfortable expressing her anxieties and expectations. The team promised her they would take great care in providing her with an enjoyable dental experience and she will play a key role in all stages of treatment.

Cassidy’s Smile Transformation

Cassidy needed several extensive services such as fillings, cleanings, and sealants. Dr. EGil and the team always made sure to respect her pace and stay in constant communication with her during the entire process. The team also assisted Cassidy with relaxation techniques to help her through the treatments. After only a few concentrated visits, Cassidy saw her anxiety subside and her smiles become happier, lighter and more confident. Cassidy was thrilled with the positive impact EGil Dental made on her dental experience and her newfound confidence in her smile.

Time to Flash Those Pearly Whites at EGil Dental

These three patient stories embody the commitment EGil Dental has to providing personalized, high-quality care. Dr. EGil and the team are committed to creating transformBackingField smiles that are healthy and confident. Using advanced technologies, warm and welcoming spaces, a personal approach and flexible payment options, EGil Dental goes above and beyond to exceed any patient’s expectations. If you are ready to have a summer smile that is lively and healthy, EGil Dental is the perfect place to make you shine.